The 7 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Own

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Whether you are a girly girl or not, bags are one thing that all women agree on. Of course, the type depends on one’s personal style and preference.

However, in as much as we love bags, it is so easy to find yourself in desperate need of a particular bag for an occasion, despite owning a ton. The good news is that there is a simple solution to this, and better news— it will save you so much money, which if you do not know by now, is what I’m about.

With that, how about I also save you time (which is money) and jump right into the 7 types of bags every woman should own, that will guarantee you have something chic to hold your favorite lip gloss, phone or even a snack— no matter the occasion;


  1. Shoulder bag

A classic shoulder bag is one that I know every woman already owns. In fact, this entire list is meant to offer alternatives for the one-bag type of girl. This everyday staple, especially in a neutral color, goes well with every outfit and is usually big enough to fit your daily essentials effortlessly.

shoulder bag


  1. Cross-body bag

For those casual outings when you want your hands free, reach out for a cross-body bag. If I’m being completely honest, this right here is my favorite type of bag and my number one go-to. Not only because they’re light and super comfortable, but also because when worn right (cross-body), they put you a step ahead of thieves.

cross-body bag


  1. Clutch

Be it a day/evening clutch, this little number (although good for only 2–3 items) is perfect for elegant occasions; not only for their class, but also because their petite size ensures all the attention is directed towards the rest of your outfit.

clutch bag


  1. Satchel bag

You know those stylish babes that travel lightly?

Yes, the ones that always have an effortless swag about them. Well, most often than not, you’ll find them with a satchel bag. You’ll find these type of bags in leather mostly, hence less susceptible to wear and tear. They are also quite spacious, with various compartments, making them best suited for short trips.

And guess what? They make them for men too (if he is not carrying a briefcase, best believe it’s a satchel).


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  1. Over-sized handbag

Every successful sleep over story begins with an over-sized handbag. With this wardrobe essential, a lady can pack, well, everything that she needs for a day to night transition; I’m talking shoes, makeup and a complete change of clothes. Heck! You can even do some impulse shopping and an over-sized handbag will have you covered.

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  1. Backpack

Needless to say, a backpack is the cross-body bag’s sexy cousin. These may be the most comfortable types of bags around, because 1) their two straps evenly distribute its weight, and 2) like the cross-body bag, it also comes with the hands-free advantage.

And no, you do not have to relive your school-going days— go for the big girls’ stylish designs that are in line with your personal style.



  1. Fanny pack

Last but certainly not least, a fanny pack is the great wizard of bags. The obvious advantage being the fact that this versatile staple can be worn in different ways: its adjustable straps allow you to pull it off from the waist, shoulder, and cross-body (on the back or in front)

Also known as the bum/belt bag, the fanny pack comes in different designs— from sporty and casual to chic and downright trendy, allowing you to stand out, no matter the occasion. All these, without forgetting the hands-free upside, are more than enough reasons why you should invest in this piece, like yesterday.

fanny pack

Do you have a go-to handbag? Feel free to tell me about it, in the comment section below.

8 Responses

  1. Daisy

    I definitely prefer cross-body bags! I do have a satchel bag that I use cross-body so I can feel safer. I turn my satchel around so the clasps are near my side. I’d love to save up for a Chloe bag because they just seem a little easier. Haha!

    • Marion

      I understand and can totally relate to what you’re saying. Like you, any bag that has long straps just feels safer when I wear it cross-body.
      Thank you for clicking through 😊

    • Marion

      Haha! The fanny pack takes time to grow on most people…and to some it doesn’t. It’s allowed.
      Thank you for giving this your time.

  2. Ashley

    I’m a huge fan of backpacks and large shoulder bags! They are my fav! Just cause I have a ton of stuff to carry and I take my iPad and snacks with me wherever I go!

    • Marion

      Tell me about it!
      Every time I’m preparing to leave the house, my bag is often too full that most times I end up switching for a bigger bag.

  3. Emily

    Crossbody bags are my absolute favorite!!! Though I can’t say no to a satchel purse or a backpack. But crossbodies are just so perfect for everyday wear and for travel too! I personally need to invest in a night out clutch for special occasions and that one picture you showed of that black sparkly one gave me serious heart eyes!

    Emily |

  4. Shari J

    Yes!!! I love this post I feel every woman should a few bags of diversity in their wardrobe. Some outfits you wear some days just call for a shoulder bag, a clutch or a fanny pack. My personal favorite this year is a small backpack, hand free and everything where it needs to be on my back until I’m ready. Lovely post.

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