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Who is a Skillful Minimalist?

A skillful minimalist is simply someone who knows that minimalism is and should be unique to everyone. They know the fine art of saving, while living a life they love.

A skillful minimalist does whatever the hell they want (literally). If you are not subscribed to any version of minimalism, I know you probably think that minimalism is about depriving yourself of the things you want, hence your confusion by the statement, “a skillful minimalist does whatever the hell they want.”

Allow me to explain; you see, a skillful minimalist, like all other minimalists out there, knows exactly what he/she wants and needs. They therefore do not waste their time, energy and resources doing or living among things that are not in line with these wants and needs. Skillful minimalists make sure that everything and everyone they surround themselves with stand to add value to their life, one way or another, now and/or in future.

What you will find in this book

The Skillful minimalist will equip you with proven tips and information on how to live your best life in different facets of life. Through this practical guide, you will not only learn how to coin your own unique version of minimalism, but also;

  • Steps towards making conscious and intentional decisions on how to spend your money.
  • Straightforward and thorough decluttering techniques for your living space, wardrobe, diet, digital life and the different relationships in your life.
  • How to live in a space that you love, surrounded by things that bring you joy and ones that motivate you to pursue and eventually achieve your goals.
  • How to find, own and shop for your own unique head-turning fashion style.
  • How to make every mealtime a happy time, through a combination of meal preparation techniques and healthy eating habits (with the tantalizing option of skillful cheat days).
  • Building better bonds in the different relationships you keep.
  • Foolproof techniques on how to manage and deal with the good, bad and ugly relationships in your life, skillfully.
  • How to effortlessly save more money like a pro, without depriving yourself of the things you need and want in life.
  • How to make more money away from your 9-5 job, using things you already have.