5 Best Flat Lay Photography Layouts to Try

If you’re a blogger, the idea of a picture-perfect post (pun intended) is always on your mind; and if you’re like me, it probably gives you migraines. If you’re not a blogger you are someone who fancies a nice picture … Continued

Styling a Layered Necklace

Hello there! Meet Katy, a layered necklace (named after Katy Perry, of course). Why? Because I feel like she really speaks to me through her music, and her videos are bonkers. I could listen to that woman all day. Well, … Continued

Affordable Green Juice Recipe for Glowing Skin

Ever heard of the phrase “You are what you eat” or, “A healthy body is a beautiful body”? Well, juicing, for one, is a great way to lead a healthy, beautiful life. Investing in good skincare products that yield results … Continued