How to Wear High Waisted Pants; 22 Dos and Don’ts

It is safe to say that high waisted pants are a gem. To make the most and bring the best out of your style adventures, I compiled a comprehensive list on the dos and don’ts you need to know when it comes to wearing high waisted pants

Style is personal. You take what you love and make it a statement, and if you believe it fashionable, then damn right it is, ’cause either way, not everyone is gonna like what you wear.

-Marion Nekesa

  1. Do tuck in a top

It would be a waste to wear your high waisted pants, and then end up covering them up. Style tip– to have just the right amount tucked in, raise your arms above your head, to be extra comfy and also complete the look.


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  1. Do wear with a crop top/ bralette

It is an unspoken rule that high waisted pants were made to go with crop tops. The pieces complement each other perfectly. A crop top ends too soon and high waisted pants start too early.


  1. Don’t wear tops that are too revealing

You want to pass for elegant, cool and chic. Don’t go wearing just a bra or a top that will make you look trashy. Just the right amount of skin will still look sexy on you


  1. Do layer up

Slap on an layering piece or a long coat on top of your high waisted pants outfit.


  1. Do wear with a sexy top

Pair your high waisted pants with a sexy top. This can be an off shoulder top or any other of your choice. This is one way to make your high waisted pants instantly sexy.


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  1. Don’t wear the wrong size

Find a pair that is of your perfect size. Have in mind that different brands have different sizes. So try them on before you do the purchase, to avoid looking like you are wearing borrowed pants.


  1. Do mix and match

Play with color. The best way to mix and match is finding a top with multiple colors, and then pairing it with pants of one of the colors.

mix and match


  1. Do accessorize correctly

This can be done with shoes, bags and belts; most preferably slim belts. When it comes to footwear, complement the pants with the appropriate shoes. Skinny jeans go well with flats, sandals, sneakers and even booties while loose and flared designs almost only go with heels or slightly raised shoes.

N/B Skinny pants go well with all types of shoes.


  1. However, Don’t over accessorize

High waist pants are already a statement on their own. Avoid clouding them with too much accessories that will divert the attention away from the pants. You also don’t want your look to be all over the place.


  1. Do go matchy-matchy

Find a two-piece or rock that oh, so trendy denim on denim look.

11. Do wear them to the office

Paired with an official top and or blazer, you can easily wear high waisted pants to the office.

  1. Don’t wear with overly blousy tops

High waisted pants already provide a lot of coverage, and they are almost always the only noticeable thing in an outfit. An overly blousy top will only make you look as if you are heading to a performance of sorts. The idea, after all, is to direct attention to your waist and bum, not the top.


13. Do wear with a body suit

A bodysuit brings tucking in to a whole new level. They create a more finished look when worn with high waisted pants. For one, you won’t have to worry about your top pulling out of the pants. Body suits also contribute to the hourglass silhouette figure perfectly.

14. Do spice things up

Try adding edge to your high waisted pants look by playing with different washes, going an all-one color, or break fashion rules in a stylish way by mixing different prints


  1. Don’t force the high waist

They are either high waitsed or not. Wear them at the natural waistline, which is the narrowest part of the torso. A forced high will give your crotchal area an unpleasant appearance and too low will leave extra fabric hanging below.


  1. Do add jewelry

Jewelry helps personalize a look, by adding some class. You don’t have to go all out on expenses here. You can easily make your own jewelry. Pair them with your high waitsed pants outfit to give your look a little dazzle, while fancying it up.


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  1. Do pair them with sneakers for a casual look

For me, casual is bae, so I almost always wear them with sneakers. Sneakers, as one of the must have shoes for every fashionista, also have the effect of toning down a serious outfit.


  1. Don’t go too high

If you goal is to bring out that hour glass figure, high waisted pants that sit just below the bra line will do the opposite, and instead draw more attention to your abdomen.


  1. Do wear the right length

You don’t want to look funny in too short high waisted pants. Although, if you are of a certain height, and you find it hard getting the perfect length at times, don’t worry, I got you! I suffer from the same sometimes.

For skinny pants, or denim, folding a bit at the bottom works like magic, by giving you that boyfriend jeans look. For non-skinnys, I compensate for length by wearing them with boots/booties that go up above the pants hem.

Sometimes you just gotta have a particular pair, and girl, why would you let length stop you when style hacks exist?

crop top


  1. Do wear with sexy heels

This has to do with accessorizing correctly. High waisted pants make your legs look longer and leaner. A sexy pair of heels will contribute to this effect.


  1. Do wear dark high waisted pants with a pop of color

Embrace color. A pop of color, say neon, paired with dark high waisted pants clearly shows the distinction between the pants and the top. In a way, this lets the pants stand on their own, in that you see clearly where they begin and end.


  1. Last but not least, Do wear the right underwear

This may seem like an obvious one, but believe me, there is nothing worse like wearing in high waisted pants, especially if the pants are made of a light fabric. There is a certain way high waisted pants shape your derrière and you just need the right kind of attention directed there that do not involve the VPL (visible panty lines).

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