Hairstyles That Last: How to Care for Braids

braided hairstyles

In any street, a girl in braids is as common as an old shoe. Well, the reason as to why this is no surprise is because they are among hairstyles that come with so many advantages.

However, not all of these braids look as appealing as the bearer would like or think them to. Caring for braids to make them last longer is a full chapter in the hairstyle chronicles.

In this post, I have gone ahead to research and line up the life-changing hair tips up, so you don’t have to. But first, a few pros of braiding;

A girl without braids is like a city without bridges.

– Roman Payne

braided hairstyles

Advantages of Braiding

  1. Can last a long time

Braids can last up to two months, if you take really good care of them. So if you are looking for hairstyles that last a while, braids are the go-to.

  1. Low maintenance

Braids are a chic hair-do that you can wear in a different style every day. But if you are a lazy stylist (like me), with braids you have the luxury to forget about your hair as soon as you leave the salon. Of course you will need to put in a little more effort for them to look good, which will be discussed shortly.

  1. Protective style

This is one of the most important things you should consider when going through potential hairstyles. When installed the right way; not to tight, the right portions and all, braiding is the number one way to ensure that your hair remains cute and protected at the same time.

  1. Versatile

The list of how you can have your braids done is endless, from box to Fulani braids, this is one hairstyle that offers you variety, not only in type, but also in styling options.

  1. Relatively cheap

Braids, unlike other hairstyles, go easy on your pocket. No, it does not cost just a mere penny, but compared to other types of artificial hair, it is the best choice when you are on a fixed budget.

braided hairstyles

How to Properly Care for Braids to Make Them Last Longer

If you want your braids to last, you will have to do a little bit more than just holding it up and ignoring it for weeks.

Here are some of the best ways to care for your braids, which top notch hair stylists swear by, that will guarantee the longevity of your braided hairstyles;

  1. Night protection

Do not throw away your night scarf because you have braided your hair. The best material for a headscarf is satin/silk. The glossy surface ensures that your hair does not dry out. This not only locks in moisture, but also ensures your edges stay fresh.

  1. Wash your braids every two weeks or so

I’m aware of how much of a hassle this sounds. Agrrh! Who wants to go through that? Especially if the braids are long. Relax! You can always dry wash your hair. Do this by dampening a wash cloth with warm water and shampoo. An alternative to this would be purchasing a braid refresher. Works like magic, and also leaves your braids smelling super.

  1. Avoid tight styling

Run like hell from styling that strains your hairline. The constant and extreme pulling murders your hairline, creating the Naomi Campbell hairline debacle. Nobody wants that.

  1. Know when to let go

Yes, you have found a gem among hairstyles. But don’t leave them up for too long. The moment your roots pull out in an obvious way, move on to another hairstyle. In as much as braiding is a protective hairstyle that reduces breakage, leaving them on for too long may cause breakage. This comes along when the braid attaches itself to your hair too tightly. The strain to take them apart leads to breakage and hair weakening.

  1. Moisturize your scalp

Do not forget to oil or spray your braids. This part is often ignored and only done when the scalp is itching. Do this lightly to avoid clogging up your pores. The occasional washing can however correct any excesses done here. Water is also another way to ensure that your scalp is well moistured.

  1. Repair the edges

When your braids start looking tired, rather than redoing the entire thing, just freshen up your look by going back to your stylist to redo just the edges. This simple procedure will leave your braids looking like new and extend their time.

  1. Don’t forget spritz

Do not only focus on the scalp part of the hairstyle. Care for the braids by using a spray that is compatible with your type of braids. This is an integral process when it comes to hairstyles that involve synthetic pieces. This will not only relief your scalp but will also give your braids a nice shine.

braided hairstyles


When you take down your braids, hand detangling or using a wide-toothed comb is the best way to detangle your hair, to minimize breakage. Give your hair ample time to breathe before you embark on another hairstyle.

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