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If you’re like me, and many other women, you’ve probably tried to decipher that certain je ne se quoi behind the style of French women. While the admirable command of style possessed by Parisian beauties may seem innate, like many of us normal folks, many a stylish French women swear by a few general rules.

From beauty tips to the inside of French babes’ closets, here are major French style secrets to lock in your pocket for effortless chicness;


Everything You Need to Know About Parisian Style;

…but first, Skincare & Beauty!

It is no secret that the French always look chic and maintain a level of beauty that remains mysterious to many. Well, for the French who have no problem sharing their beauty secrets, one thing is consistent; Skincare is a priority!

Good skincare routine = Barely there makeup

french style

I woke up like this; Flawless!” is one line that the French can say and back up. The secret behind this is simple; the French believe in natural looks. To achieve a flawless complexion, they invest in skincare routines more than anything else. When you take really good care of your skin using natural and or other trusted products, you will barely need makeup. The French therefore apply minimal makeup, only to cover up a few imperfections. This gives them a natural look that passes for a no-makeup look quite effortlessly.

Eat beautifully

The French believe that you are what you eat, and that what you feed your body will eventually manifest through your skin. In this sense, eat a lot of healthy food and avoid processed foods as much as you can. Drink enough water and boost up on essential oils, for healthy beautiful skin and body.

Pro tip— Dark chocolate is recommended too. **wink**

Always remember that less is more

french style secrets

When it comes to beauty, you will barely find a French woman with layers of makeup on her face. Instead, they subtly accent their best features. To them, the goal of makeup is not to hide or cover, but to enhance one’s already present beauty. Most often than not, French Babes will step out in a 3-product face. So, find your best 3 and Frenchify your look with mild touch-ups.

Let your hair air-dry

To achieve those luscious natural strands, the French stay away from blow-dry and heat driers. Their philosophy is to wash their hair before bed and let it dry overnight.

Embrace a messy bun


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In Paris, a messy bun is a statement all on its own. This look has graced the red carpet, and it just says, “Ease up, it’s never that serious.” French women like to go au natural when it comes to their hair, even on occasions that demand elegance, which tells you that style isn’t always about perfection.


15 French Style Secrets

  1. Dress for you

    French women like owning their style. They dress without holding the opinions of others into account. Sure, let people advice you, but the final decision has to be yours. French women dress in a way that allows them to be comfortable and be themselves. So, to emulate French style, you first have to find and own your personal style.

  2. Less is more


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    This, especially when it comes to accessories, is one advice from Coco Chanel that French women do not take lightly. If you think you might be wearing too many accessories, chances are that you are and it is a cue to drop one. French style is about sticking to minimal, yet quality accessories.

  1. Don’t stress over trends

    Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever.” Yes, you guessed it right, Coco Chanel said that too. French women are not that much into seasonal trends as one might think. Instead, they believe in timeless style that is bound to remain versatile over a long period of time. Therefore, last season’s hit might just be what sets you apart from the rest.


  1. Own a signature piece

    Whether it’s a lippie, scarf, jewelry or a classic bag, French women tend to have a signature item that goes with everything in their closet and completes every look. Wearing something that you love not only defines your style aesthetic, but it also reminds you to feel pretty being yourself.


  1. Invest in classic pieces

    French women may seem sophisticated and over the top, but they live by capsule wardrobe rules more than you know. A simple striped tee, your favorite washed jeans and a pair of flats is a must-have ensemble if you want to dress like a French woman.


  1. Go for a manageable heel size


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    Pretty shoes do not have to come with pain. Wearing flats and kitten heels is a French style philosophy that never gets old. French women believe in wearing shoes that you can actually walk in. You can never go wrong with ballet flats or a chic pair of loafers. They are not only versatile, but also transitional staples. And isn’t that all a woman needs?


  1. Fit is everything

    Are you familiar with the statement; “It fits like it was made just for you”? Of course you are. Well, French women do not take it lightly. Their clothes fit to perfection in a way that accentuates all the right features, and maybe that is why they maintain an effortless swag all through.


  1. Power of neutrals

    French girls enjoy the occasional color bombing, but not even this can stop the reign of neutrals. Neutral palettes; beige, navy, grey, black and white are highly favored due to their ability to subtly match everything and most importantly tone down an outfit.


  1. Don’t be shy to raid the men’s section

    While this rule may have everything to do Yves Saint-Laurent’s Le Smoking suit of 1966, menswear for women has proved to be one of the most elegant and downright nonchalant modes of dressing. French women have been seen, on different occasions, on the red carpet ditching your everyday evening gown and reaching for a menswear-inspired tux instead. Denim is also another way Frenchies like to show that a woman can indeed do it better.


  1. Build around one luxury item

    Instead of stepping out in a gazillion statement pieces that compete for attention, Parisian beauties opt for effortless elegance that includes finding one statement piece and making it the center of attention, by building several simple pieces around it.


  1. Come Undone once in a while

    It’s in the partially undone blouse, the loose tuck, the messy bun or the loose braid— the list goes on and on. For French women, as long as you are clean, a little rough around the edges is all kinds of stylishly sexy.


  1. French Trench

    The famous French trench coat is almost always beige in color. While one might think that this piece should be locked away after the cold season, French women have different ways of pulling off this classic, almost all year long. From casual; paired with jeans, simple tee and ballet flats, to formal; worn over an elegant knee-length dress, the French trench is one style staple that is here to stay.


  1. Invest in tailored pieces


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    French women and their tailors! It’s an old affair. A well-tailored blazer, especially, will always come in handy in a casual-to-formal transition. Whether it’s a plaid blazer, pant/skirt suit or a formal dress, well-tailored pieces are a must-have in any French girl’s wardrobe.


  1. Perfume is the exclamation mark!

    french style secrets

    To a Parisian woman, perfume speaks volumes. A French girl has a technique on how she wears her signature scent: asides from the usual neck and wrist, perfume is strategically placed on a few other essential areas as well— a subtle spritz on the back of your neck and hair makes a hugging experience feel like home. Perfume is not restricted for the body alone, Parisian beauties also like to make the most out of their travel stylescapades by ensuring that packed clothes stay smelling fresh.


  1. Confidence is key

    French women have with no doubt mastered the fine art of self-confidence. You would think it is a punishable crime to roam the streets of Paris with your head anything short of held up high, matched with utmost poise and splendor. Whether you are wearing haute couture or a simple button-down shirt for a grocery run, always walk as if you’re on a runway.






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  1. Jackie Espada

    Great post!! I love how you listed a bunch of easy things that I can change right away! Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to be making some of these changes!


    • Marion

      Glad you found them doable… I’m making some of these changes myself… Thank you for clicking through 😊

  2. Emily

    This was such a good post! I’ve always loved French women’s style- so effortless and chic! They really do look like they just wake up in the morning, throw on some clothes, and just look so perfect. This is kind of the style I want to aim for, so your post was the perfect inspiration for me. Thank you!!

    Emily |

    • Marion

      Thank you as well for taking the time to read this… I agree with every word. I also think that French women have got it all figured out, and it’s a style I definitely want to emulate as well.

  3. Eva

    Some of the items are things I’ve been trying to do but it’s so hard for me. Like the capsule wardrobe. I really want to start doing that but at the same time, it feels so complicated to not have the number of clothes and shoes that I do :-/ and keep saying that I don’t have enough!

    • Marion

      I totally get what you’re saying… But in my post about building a capsule wardrobe I stress on the fact that a capsule wardrobe does not have to be the standard 37 items.. It can totally include more items. The goal is to get rid of unnecessary clutter and only own the things you absolutely love.
      Thank you for stopping by 😊

  4. Bri

    I absolutely love this post! So glad to know I’m on track to living out my French fantasies (at least through my wardrobe anyway)
    What are some stores you recommend shopping someone aspiring this style look? I absolutely adore the natural beauty that French women often follow and have unintentionally incorporated that into my routine.
    Now if I could just get the clothing down….
    Great post!! xo Bri

    • Marion

      Aww 😊… Thank you for showing this post some love. About shopping spots, personally I am a Nairobi-based somewhat professional thrifter.. However I know for sure that Zara basics and fashion Nova could sort you out. I wear Zara products all the time and you can find literally anything you want.
      I hope this helps, otherwise happy shopping girl!

  5. Tammy Miller

    These are some nice tips and tricks to use. I am now getting in the habit of drinking more water as it does help a lot. I like for one eating fruits and veggies as well. Great post.

    • Marion

      Same here… Although I struggled so much with drinking water… Agh!😀
      Thank you for the read

  6. Beth Gray

    Okay – I admit it – I almost NEVER read blog posts about fashion. Totally not “my thing”.
    THIS – your post – that was definitely “my thing”. I loved it from start to finish!

    • Marion

      Aww, thank you so much for clicking through and for your kind words. Glad you liked it 😊

    • Marion

      Great stuff! I am also seeing tailored suits in my future 😄
      Thank you for stopping by 😊

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