About August: Top 4 Self-Care Routines


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August has come and gone…pretty fast if you ask me. Was it supposed to be this cold though? I am well aware that in Kenya we do not experience the four seasons, but August should be summer time by default, regardless of location.

Perhaps I should mention that I am usually not big on resolutions (well, I do make them but day 2 into anything and I am like, “I don’t think I am about this life”).

I however decided to make August an exception. Why? Well, because the small amount of OCD that I have tells me that starts should occur on Mondays, the start of a new month and New Year’s.

Also because it was August; I tend to play favorites when it comes to sweet old August, it being my birth month and all. So, about August…


The French have taught us many things. But if there is one lesson from Parisian beauties that I keep at the top of my list is their philosophy when it comes to skincare and make up; when you take good care of your skin, your complexion will look amazing, and you’ll therefore require little or no makeup.

My skincare routine

I have kept my skincare routine quite simple and natural. I have been feeding my skin from the inside out. My routine comprises of a honey and lemon elixir; I slice and boil a fresh lemon, wait for the water to cool then finally mix it with honey.

skincare drink

This magical drink is not only a recommended detox, but also a great body and organ cleanser. I drink this every day instead of normal water. I find it hard to accomplish the 8 glasses a day recommendation, so I figured why not sweeten my water in a healthy way.

For external use, I mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, or simply squeeze half a lemon, into a container, add 1 table spoon of sugar and gently apply it on my CLEAN face. I let it stay on for 10-20 minutes, after which I wash off with lukewarm water.

honey and lemon skincare

I do this simple skincare routine every alternate day, and it leaves my skin super supple with a glow.

The vitamin C present in lemon is good for your skin’s health. Lemon is also good for your skin as it helps in clearing dark spots, fights fine lines and keeps wrinkles at bay. Sweet old honey on the other hand is a natural humechant that retains moisture, thus keeping your skin hydrated.


If you read my post on creating a capsule wardrobe, then you know I ventured on a minimalist journey (based on my own rules). I de-cluttered my space, and actually made room for a work space that has proven productive. I have been a hoarder for the longest time, and cutting off was quite relieving and fulfilling.

New in My Closet

The main idea behind building a capsule wardrobe is to be intentional with your purchases, so I have done exactly that. The only things I have added to my closet in August are mom jeans and a pair of H/M bodysuit (I could not resist). And just so you know, both purchases were a major steal…wink*


Yes! Reading was also on August’s to-do list. Not that I did not read before, I just wasn’t consistent and I also had a few poor reading habits, some of which I did not know of, that I recently got rid of. I have managed to read three books this month (super proud of myself), so this is definitely a yay moment.

My Reading List

  1. Becoming- Michelle Obama

The memoir by former US first lady has been on my reading list since its release last year. Although I have been postponing the read, my only regret is that I didn’t read it sooner. In few words, the woman is nothing short of phenomenal and you gotta admire and respect her candor.


  1. Real men don’t text- Ruthie & Michael Dean

You think you’ve got dating figured out? Wait till you read this book. The Deans talk about texting, online dating, purity, boundaries, red flags and everything that men and women ignore and or overlook when getting into relationships. The couple uses different perspectives to offer valuable information about romantic relationships.

  1. The secret- Rhonda Byrne

If you will get anything out of this book, is that you get what you attract and positivity goes a long way. Byrne, through the law of attraction, emphasizes that you get what you want if you focus on it. The author cites a three-step process; ask, believe, receive.



My exercise routine has been yoga-centered. My mantra for the month of August, which I am carrying forward to September, has been “Lady Peaceful… Lady Happy” (nothing to do with Liza Minnelli’s song- Maybe This Time). But those are some good lyrics right there. Therefore, I could definitely use the vast benefits of doing yoga. I incorporated squats into my workout routine as well. I am not as consistent with this as I would like to be, but Hey! Baby steps.

What has August been like for you? Do tell away in the comment section below.

23 Responses

  1. Ash

    It sounds like you had a good month! I’ve heard nothing but good things about Becoming

    Ash | thisdreamsalive.wordpress.com

  2. Riana Ang-Canning

    Aw I definitely need to prioritize some more self care in the upcoming months! I started a morning routine in August but honestly only stuck to it for a couple of days so I need to get that back on track. And Becoming has been on my to-read list for a long time too. But I’m number like 1000 on the hold list at the library 🙁


    • Marion

      Woah… That’s a long list. If you enjoy e-books I’d be more than happy to send you a copy…

  3. Natonya

    Hey sis sounds like you had a super healthy August! I really wanna try your lemon & honey elixir, it sounds divine!🍋🍯 I too been wanting to invest more into a proper skincare routine and stop out purchasing I’m not going to wear often. However, I do need to add reading to my to-do list. I read magazines but I want to read more books too👏🏾😁Thanks for your self-care list, it really was inspiring!

    Natonya | https://JustNatonya.wordpress.com

    • Marion

      Thank you dear… I’m glad you found it inspiring, and I guarantee you will not regret this skin care routine.

  4. Lori Roach

    Happy birthday month! I’ve had Becoming sitting on my nightstand for two weeks – but I think I will start reading it TODAY! I have been working on the habit of lemon water every morning, and do feel a difference when I am consistent about it. Excellent tips, thank you!

  5. Jessica Mathis

    I’ve been wanting to read “Becoming”! I’ve also done Yoga 5 days this week, so we are kindred spirits there.

    I’m curious to try your lemon drink. Sounds really interested. Why boil the lemon instead of put fresh lemon in though? Just curious. Do you get more of a health benefit from it? I used to do it with fresh lemon.

    Jessica | The Unplug Initiative

    • Marion

      Good question 🤔… I boil the lemon because I find the taste richer when boiled, because it kinda sucks from the peel as well. (P. S… This is not a professional opinion… Although I’ll do some research)
      … Great minds do think alike😉.. Thanks for stopping by

  6. Emily

    Lovely post! I love your take on drinking water! Your recipe sounds so delicious! I find it really hard to get in my 8 glasses a day too, and I can only drink water if it’s ice cold, too, so that make it annoying to drink lots if it’s not super cold. And your simple face mask sound delightful too. I’m definitely going to try it! Great post!

    And now that I know you live in Kenya, that’s interesting that it’s been cold there lately! I live in the American southwest and it’s been so so hot here lately! I wish I could switch with you 🙂

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    • Marion

      You will not regret the elixir… Haha, weather so unpredictable… But tbh sometimes I kinda delight in cold weather 😅

  7. Lanae Bond

    I love the fact your skincare routine is natural. I need to try more natural based skincare. Thanks for sharing your self-care routine.

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