5 Best Flat Lay Photography Layouts to Try

If you’re a blogger, the idea of a picture-perfect post (pun intended) is always on your mind; and if you’re like me, it probably gives you migraines. If you’re not a blogger you are someone who fancies a nice picture for your social media profiles, or just a good wallpaper for your home screen.

Flat lay photography, for me, is heaven sent. The subtle art not only saves you the trouble of location scouting but also allows you to capture a mood without the hassle of getting dressed or made up.

Below are 5 easy flat lay photography layouts for the perfect visual story;


Outfit flat lay

outfit flat lay photography

This may be the most common type of flat lay. It usually consists of a half/full outfit. I like to keep it realistic and casual; something I am actually going to wear. A fashion flat lay does not always have to be folded, but it is best to keep the frame in a perfect square.


Beautiful chaos

flat lay photography

Here I like to have a theme first. For a pink theme, different shades of pink work perfectly. However, do not be carried away; not everything goes. Choose items that are related. Mostly fashion and beauty goes together. The set-up has to be really busy, ergo the more the merrier. With that in mind, stick to small items and only show half or part of the larger items.

The lazy flat lay

bed flat lay

This type of flat lay may look quite effortless and lazy, but I think it requires the most work. The idea is to pass off a lazy vibe (as the name suggests) but it is actually about staging the perfect ‘crime scene’. To achieve this kind of flat lay, simply rough up a sheet here and casually tuck in a book there.

Product flat lay

product flat lay

product-flat lay

product-flat lay

I personally like to keep product flat lays really simple and uncomplicated. However, taking a product flat lay with just the one product may seem a little dull and or boring. Use plants and flowers as complementary pieces. Alternatively you can incorporate other related products into your photo, but always remember to place your star product in the limelight. Dwarf the other products by blurring them out, placing them around the main piece or just showing a glimpse of them.

The close-up

This may be my favorite flat lay photography layout, and the easiest to take. You can achieve this by simply finding the right angle and making sure the lighting is perfect. The close-up flat lay can belong to any of the above groups. The reason why I play favorites when it comes to the close-up is the fact that after you are done with a complicated flat lay layout, you can simply zoom in on one area, and voila! You have your close-up shot.

Use the tips for flat lay photography and try out these layouts for your next session.

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What is your favorite kind of flat lay? Let’s chat in the comment section below




39 Responses

  1. Anda-The busy shelf

    I super appreciate that you gave examples with diverse objects! I am a book blogger and bookstagrammer and more often than not, I would either find examples only for books, only for clothes, only for makeup..you get the point. So thank you for being inclusive and an inspiration ❤
    And yay, tips for flat lays ❤

  2. Ellyn Rebecca

    I like to colour coodinate my flat lays, I also try to switch up the backgroud, whether its on a marble backgroud, white floorboards, duvet/pillow case or displayed on my makeup table.

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  3. Laura

    This is really helpful. I’m starting to take photos for my blog, and this just gave me some really good layout ideas. I want to try them all. Thanks!

    • Marion

      Don’t mention it… I’d love to see your work. I hope to get better with time as well. Thank you for the read

  4. Lisa

    I love your flat lay ideas! I’ve been experimenting with some and I will definitely keep your tips in mind. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Alghashiyah

    I like the close up all of your pics are nice. I love Playing around with flat lays I need to do more. I appreciate the plants to add to the product which make it simple and clean. Great post

  6. Mykki

    I love this post and I’m definitely going to take some of these tips into consideration next time I do any photography of my own for the blog. ^_^

    • Marion

      Thank you for the read. I hope you get the best results out of your flat lay photography 😊

  7. Ana

    Great tips! Love your flat lays– beautiful. I like taking my own photos for my blog. I think it adds warmth and a creative touch that you don’t get from stock photos. Thanks for the helpful post.

    • Marion

      I do too, but I don’t always get the chance to use my own photos, so I go for stock sometimes 😬… I would however looove to use my own exclusively. I’ll check out your blog for inspiration. Thank you for the read

  8. katy gilroy

    such a helpful post, I’m rubbish at flatlays but I’ll definitely be making more of an effort now x

    • Marion

      All the best Katy. I hope to get better as well. Thank you for the read.

  9. Emily

    This is such a great post! I personally have always struggled with flat lays- mainly because I don’t have a fancy camera, just my phone. But you have some great ideas and I didn’t even know that there were different types of flat lays! I feel really silly now. It really makes me want to try to step up my game so I don’t have to use as many stock photos anymore.

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    • Marion

      Do not let not having a camera stop you. I still use my phone for some of my flatlays… As long as you take the shot in good lighting and make good use of editing apps later, you should have a good enough flatlay.
      Thank you for reading

  10. Britt

    You’ve got some great examples here! Flay lay photography is something I’ve never really been that good at and keep putting aside, but you’ve inspired me to go back and attempt it once again

  11. Jenn

    Im terrible at the flat lays haha they look so damn pretty though! I just gotta practice more I guess.

    • Marion

      I am also at the practicing phase 😀. I am sure with more practice you’ll get better, as will I. Thank you for reading.

  12. Marshalee

    I like the one with the magazine. These are all lovely photos! Great flat lays. I think flat lays are amazing when done right like your photos! Great post!

    • Marion

      Thank you. I like including magazine pages that are in line with the theme…and thanks for the read

  13. chloe

    It always takes me a lot longer to take flat lays than I think it will. I take a while to make sure everything is equal and looks good

    • Marion

      Same here. And sometimes you end up with an entirely different arrangement.

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