15 Must Have Fashion Accessories For Every Woman

15 Must have Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories can make or break a look. When worn right, they complete one’s outfit in a tremendous way.

Here are 15 accessories every fashionable woman should own;

Sometimes simple accessories are all you need when your dress speaks for itself.

Jenny Packha

1. Silk scarf

Must have accessories- silk scarf

You don’t necessarily have to wait for it to be cold to rock a silk scarf. You can wear the scarf to bring correspondence to your outfit, by simply matching it with one item.

You can also use a scarf  to accessorize a plain bag or to conceal an uncomfortable cleavage.

2. Statement necklace

It’s amazing how a statement necklace can transform a simple outfit into a classic one. Aside from dazzling up an outfit, statement jewelry are also a key ingredient in day to night transition looks.

3. Hat

Must have accessory- Hat

Be it a fedora or a baseball hat, a hat is at the peak of fashion accessories you must own. Whether it’s to cover up a bad hair day or to complete a hairstyle, you could never go wrong.

Having one of each is a good idea, since a baseball hat lies more on the casual side while a fedora can go from casual to elegant.

4. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is an essential that never goes out of style. Whether it’s to create invisibility like celebrities, avoid the sun or just to be trendy, it always communicates cool.

5. Cross-body bag

If you often engage in texting while walking, this bag will come in handy. The sling is often adjustable to match your preferred length. There are different types of sling bags, so choose one that complements your style and you are good to go.

6. Metallic belt

A metallic belt is like jewelry for your clothes. Add one to a dark bodycon dress to define your waist. Wearing a bright belt is also one of the many ways to break an all-black outfit.

7. Classic watch

A watch is one accessory that kind of gives you confidence and automatically creates a sharp look. When you don’t want to pile up on accessories, make a classic watch your one exception.

8. A chunky ring

Never underestimate the detail a chunky ring can bring to your look. For one, it brings focus to your manicure, and can also communicate your style squad, depending on the type you go for. Match it up with other jewelry for a complete fashion statement.

9. Stud earrings

Must have accessory- Stud earings

Whether you are going to a casual outing with friends or an elegant occasion, you always feel that you need to wear a pair of earrings. With studs, you don’t need to jump over hoops (pun intended) when deciding on what pair to put on.

10. Red lipstick

Must have accessory- red lipstick

This obviously belongs in your make-up bag, but often times it can just be the thing you need to add that extra pop and sparkle to your look.

11. Metallic clutch

A metallic clutch adds edge to your look instantly in a chic, yet oh so classy way.

12. Simple necklace

For the days you are wearing a plunging neckline, and you feel your chest area too bare, just like the studs, a simple necklace solves the problem subtly.

13. Fur

Be it a scarf or a coat, you need something furry to accessorize your outfits by adding a touch of elegance. You can also go for playful with furry heels. It’s never that serious!

14. Charm bracelet

must have accessory- charm bracelet

A charm bracelet is a timeless piece that makes your style personal. Make a DIY one and it will speak for itself. It is a perfect companion for your classic watch when worn loosely.

15. Head wrap

Whether it’s wrapping your entire head on those days that you just don’t want to deal with your hair, or making a bow with a head wrap, this is one accessory that saves lives while creating bold fashion statements.

Step out in style and own it.


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