14 Easy Tips to Help You Identify & Enhance Your Fashion Style

fashion style

Do you often feel your clothes too boring? Or can’t think of two or three head-turning outfits at the top of your head?

A lot of people are often oblivious that there actually is a style out there that works for them and one that reflects their taste. This does not have to be a fashion style that is standard or textbook.

You can come up with your own unique style by pairing up things you love and a few more pointers. To help you get out of a clothing rut and define yourself through your dressing, here are 14 easy ways that will guarantee you are looking your best;

fashion style

  1. Identify your body type

The first step to identifying your fashion style and looking good in whatever you wear is knowing  your body shape (apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, inverted triangle…etc.). This will help you know specific ways to dress your body.


  1. Choose a style icon

Find a style icon, celebrity or not, whose style you identify with or like. This can be someone who has the same body shape as you. See how they dress and try to emulate them in your own way.


  1. Confidence

Be confident in your skin and unique fashion style. Confidence goes a long way when it comes to looking good. You don’t want to be that girl who keeps pulling her mini skirt down or top up. Make sure you wear something that you are comfortable in.


  1. Love, shop and dress for your current body

Dress for the body that you have today. Of course, dream for a fitter body if you want to, but don’t hate the one you are in. This also goes for shopping; buy clothes that fit your current body to avoid ill-fitting clothes, or storing clothes you may never wear.


  1. Get looks and prints that work for your body shape

For instance, if you are an apple shape, try flared or boot cut pants, as opposed to skinny jeans and straight leg pants. For a pear shape, go for designs that show off your tiny waist.


  1. Avoid too much of the same color

Mix things up every now and then to highlight and accentuate different areas of your body.


  1. Shop according to your affordability

Don’t go way above your means in your style spending. You want to be consistently chic. So to stay on a streak, live within your means and upgrade as your account upgrades.


  1. Try out new things

Do not limit yourself; drop the “I don’t wear skirts, I hate yellow, I can’t pull off a crop top” talk

You can do it all. You just got to try it the right way and see if it works out for you.


  1. De-clutter your closet

Do this by building a capsule wardrobe; if you haven’t worn something in the past one year, it has to go. Also, try assuming that you are out shopping every time you peek into your closet. If you wouldn’t buy a particular item today, it also has to go.


  1. Dress according to your lifestyle and goals

Dress how you want to be addressed. Dress how you want to present yourself to the world today, while having in mind who you want to be tomorrow, and think of how your current style decisions will impact on your future.


  1. Accessorize

Accessories have the ability to transform any look instantly. You can never go wrong with any of the must have accessories. To effectively define your fashion style, own at least 5 of the above.


  1. Know your measurements

Not only should you be familiar with your measurements, but also wear the right ones. Don’t go for ill-fitting pieces just because you think they are cute and unnoticeable. People notice, and these pieces tend to distort your look. You can try simple ways to know your measurements, without seeking help from a professional.


  1. Find a signature piece

To have a strong, yet unique fashion style, it is important to find you a signature piece; be it a bag, jewelry or any other accessory. With this, no matter what you wear, you will always feel like yourself.


  1. Draw inspiration from your closet

To be who you truly are, while identifying your fashion style, take a trip inside your closet and observe what items you have in excess.  Is it boots, jeans or just plain old tees? Find cool and chic ways to rock these, because after all, you look your best when you are being yourself.


48 Responses

  1. Tammy Miller

    Great points. I truly like #6 & 7. At one point in my life, I just had black clothing but I have expanded out to a variety of colors to mix and match. I agree to shop according to your affordability. I usually try to budget what I will pay for clothing including accessories each month.

  2. Laura

    These are awesome tips! I love how you create these tips around it being personalized instead of the current trends – this is a great way to build confidence in one’s personal style!

  3. Amy

    These are some great points but my favourite is number 8. For years I vetoed crop tops because I thought that I couldn’t pull them off, but I decided to give it a try after buying a high waisted skirt that I really loved. It has now become one of the outfits I feel most confident in!

    • Marion

      Right? 😄… Crop tops, in particular, are really for everyone. You just have to decide if you want to show skin or not, and if you do, how much… That’s how you own your style…. Thank you for clicking through 😊

  4. Naomi (Inching Forwards)

    I love this – all simple and easy to implement! I particularly like number 8 – I think it’s so important to be adventurous, to not be so stuck in one style that you never try anything outside it. Thank you for sharing <3

  5. Zoe

    This blog really made me think about my body shape and great ideas on how to make me feel good in clothes that are suited for my body shape. I love point 9 looking true my clothes as if I am shopping l such a great tip.

  6. Jenn

    I need to declutter my closet. But I also need to find a style icon. I never thought of that! Thank you for this post :]

  7. Beth Gray

    One of my struggles is changing fashion seasons… especially when I fall in love with “this season” and then it’s changing again. But I am learning to buy time-less, that is “me”… and then just buy one or two pieces from “this season” that are still “me”, without feeling that I am not in style.

    • Marion

      That’s a great style trick.. I try to own versatile and timeless pieces that transition easily through seasons, to avoid the hassle… Because I can get so indecisive

  8. Emily

    Love this so much! I’m currently trying to make my closet into a capsule wardrobe, so while my number of clothes and accessories have gone down, it’s been making me think of what I want to buy when I do need new clothes! And your tips are definitely helping. I want to dress how I want to be seen, but I also want to have my own style and be comfy. Now I kind of wish you were a personal stylist so you can help me find my signature look!

    Great post! xo

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    • Marion

      Aww 😊.. I wish I could help too… But I know you’ll find your style just by following your heart.. Thank you, and good luck dear

  9. Shelley Smith

    Awesome read! I love how it’s about cultivating one’s personal style. I’ve never been one for trends!

    • Marion

      You know what they say, Trends come and go, but style is forever😉…Thank you for stopping by.

  10. Matthew Decker

    Great post. There’s definitely a couple things that I never think of. Accessorizing is a big one that I always forget. I have a closet full of hats and watches that are collecting dust that I should start adding to my daily outfit. Dressing for your lifestyle was a great tip too. Thanks.

    • Marion

      Thank you as well for stopping by. I am glad you could relate with the post. I also think that accessories are the exclamation mark to any outfit.

  11. Käbi

    All of these are perfect. Especially “Love, Shop and Dress for your current body.” I needed to see that, truly!

  12. Hannah

    I love this! I gained 25 pounds from the medication I take for my lupus and I’ve just been feeling horrible about myself. But I’m following more midsize fashion bloggers on Instagram for inspiration and I love the outfits they wear! I even wrote a blog post about how midsize fashion bloggers helped my body image

    Hannah the Mad Dog

    • Marion

      That’s great…I’ll drop by your site and give your post a read..Thank you for stopping by.

    • Marion

      Great… I started being diverse with my style options a while back, and later realized that I liked so many different style. Another great way to own your personal style is to mix things from the different style types that you like.
      Thank you for stopping by 😊

  13. Greta James

    I love that you point out the importance of trying new things and find clothing that you really love instead of buying bulk in things you just like. Yesterday, I was talking to my daughter and she said that one of her resolutions was to feel more comfortable in her skin. I think helping her find clothes that she loves will help her feel comfortable.

    • Marion

      Aww, that is so beautiful. I agree, that will surely help her in feeling comfortable. Thank you for stopping by, and all the best, Greta.

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