101 Style Tips, Tricks and Hacks that Will Leave You Looking and Feeling like a Million Bucks

Do you ever wish that style could come with a manual? Well, now it does! With so many dos and don’ts around, one could use a style godmother to help you fix this, add detail to that, while directing special attention there.

Here are 101 style tips, tricks and hacks that some of the best designers, fashion editors and most stylish people swear by;

style tips


  1. What’s old and never goes out of style?

Invest in several classic pieces; leather, denim jackets, high waisted jeans, that are timeless and guaranteed to remain stylish throughout the year. These are a definite must-have.

  1. Show skin sparingly

To look chic while showing skin, do so sparingly. If you are wearing a miniskirt or short bottoms, go for full coverage on top. Alternatively, if your top is cropped or skimpy, go for high waisted bottoms that create full coverage.

style tips

  1. Use lace to expand ill-fitting clothes in a chic way

You can also use lace to add detail to boring clothes.

  1. Own at least 5 must have accessories

This way you can transform any outfit from basic to chic with the snap of a finger.

  1. Power of neutrals

Invest in neutral-colored clothes (black, white, grey, nude) that go with anything and save you the hustle of picking your brain when it comes to colors.

  1. However, make good use of your neutrals

Wear neutral on the areas of your body that you want to draw attention away from, and bright colors on the part you want to direct attention towards.

  1. Crop tops are for everyone

To rock crop tops and bralettes in any body size, pair them with high-waisted bottoms. Wear the high waist to begin right where the top ends. If you however want to show a little skin, wear the high waist slightly above your belly button to expose just the right portion of your mid rib.

  1. Arrange your shoes in a line

If you have a small shoe space, avoid clunking up your shoes. Instead, line them up on the floor, against a wall.

  1. Always try to wash your shoes before storing them

This will save you time when getting ready and gives you a chance to try on your shoes inside the house.

  1. Pants too short but you still want to rock them?

Fold short jeans and pants at the bottom to create a boyfriend-jeans-look.

  1. Belt up!

Drop a belt over a coat or baggy dress to create and define your waistline. This also gives the illusion of a slimmer waist.

  1. Do double denim

To rock denim on denim in an effortlessly chic way, go for different shades of denim.

  1. Flats to the office?

To wear flats to the office, go for a pointed toe as opposed to ballet flats. The pointed pair has a more professional appeal.

  1. Swap your handbags from time to time to keep them looking like new.
  2. Plan before you shop

Before embarking on a shopping spree, have in mind the tips on how to have an amazing shopping spree, to make the most out of shopping your experience.

16. Know your measurements and always wear well-fitting clothes

The only exception here is if you are going for that oh! so chic over-sized sweater, sweat shirt or hoodie look. These paired with thigh high boots is the ultimate style hack.

style tips
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  1. To wear jeans to the office,

Go for dark shades as opposed to lighter or washed shades. A darker pair of jeans looks more professional and could easily pass for office wear.

  1. Keep outfits in your head

When you are out shopping, mostly on impulse, think of whether you have something that will go with a particular item. This is also an awesome way to find clothes with which to play mix and match. Certain ensembles are bought separately but when paired together, they turn out to be a match made in heaven.

  1. Have different tops to match the same bottoms

Did you know that you can wear the same pants several times a week with different tops and no one will notice? But try wearing the same chic top twice in three weeks, and all of a sudden “you are wearing that top too much”. So, it is not the bottoms that matter, it sorely depends on the top.

  1. Plan out your outfit the night before

If you want to snooze for a few minutes in the morning, or avoid getting late altogether, plan and even lay out what you are going to wear in the morning.

  1. To save closet space, put away clothes that are not in season

There is no need to pile heavy coats and boots in your closet during hot weather. Store them in a different area, safely, and only take them out when they are in season.

  1. Invest in statement pieces

Never underestimate how a statement piece can transform your look. Be it earrings, neckpiece, or blazer.

 flatlay photography
photo c/o @houseofkesar
  1. Pair up different prints and patterns

Break the rules here and there by mix and matching different prints.

  1. However, employ the rule of 2

This rule suggests that 2 is the maximum amount of prints you can pair up, to avoid stressing too much.

  1. When shopping for shoes do so at the end of the day or in the afternoon after your feet have expanded to get your true fit.
  2. Dress your age

This is one of the most ignored style tips, but dressing your age goes a long way when it comes to looking fabulously chic. Check out magazine sections for every age’s style advice, and you are sure to look good in everything you wear.

  1. You are NOT too good for thrift stores

I have come along so many people who do not indulge in second hand clothing. One thing is however consistent with most of them; their style is whack! There are certain unique styles that can only be found in thrift stores.

style tips
photo c/o @houseofkesar
  1. Identify your fashion style

To be effortlessly chic and always stand out in whatever you wear, identify your fashion style and find ways to make the most out of it.

  1. Wear trends in small doses

Just because you saw 3-5 trends paired together in a fashion runway, does not mean you should also run the streets like so. Try pairing one trend with a basic outfit to transform your entire look in a stylish way.

  1. To mix and match like a pro,

Choose a multi-colored piece of clothing, and pair it with another of one color from the first piece.

  1. When shopping for clothes, try on the clothes as opposed to just looking on the tag for size details

The latter does not always guarantee a perfect pit, because different countries have different fits; a UK 12 may not be the same as a US 12.

  1. Find inspiration away from fashion runways

To choose your style/fashion icon, look for certain celebrities or people you know personally, as opposed to fashion runways. Most of the clothes showcased in fashion runways are not really meant to be worn out and about.

  1. Less is more!

Always remember that less is more and that some pieces are accessories all on their own. For example, minimize accessories when wearing floral prints and statement pieces. This rule also applies to make up.

  1. Go for timeless trends

Opt for trends that stick around over a long period of time. This way you will be always trendy, while saving money and won’t have to deal with last season’s trends

  1. Add a pop of color to a dark outfit to instantly brighten your look

A nice pop of color; be it an accessory or even a bold lip stick could also brighten your mood.

  1. Dress according to your body type and shape

For instance, horizontal stripes may not do a full figure justice, as would vertical ones. A skater skirt works best if you do not want extra attention directed to your hips and butt as would a pencil skirt.

  1. Try mixing denim shorts with something polished

Match a pair with a crisp blazer or a kimono for a fun night out.

style tips
photo c/o @theeamai
  1. Wear your one-piece swimsuit as a bodysuit

Go for swimsuits that are classy, edgy and not too revealing, and pass them off for a chic top/bodysuit to suit any occasion.

  1. To slay on a budget, go for clothes that easily transition through seasons

For instance, you can rock a petite summer dress during the cold season by adding stockings and a pair of boots to the look. This can also be achieved by layering.

  1. To rock a crop top without looking too casual, pair it with a polished outfit;

This could be a sharp blazer, high waisted pants or below the knee pencil skirts. *Portia De Rossi inspired.

  1. Accessorize with a scarf

We all have that one purse that we use too much. To change your look, try knotting a scarf around the handle. To be extra stylish, choose a pattern that picks up the color of your purse.

  1. When purchasing a strapless dress, go for one with a bit of boning on the bodice

This will not only keep the dress from sliding down but it will also have your bosom sitting very high.

  1. Avoid wearing multiple statement accessories

This is especially on jewelry; pick one statement piece and complement it with other subtle pieces.

style tips
photo c/o @houseofkesar
  1. Off shoulder goodness

To give that flirty vibe without being overly exposed in your cleavage area, go for an off shoulder top/ dress. These are great for bringing attention to your clavicle, which works like magic.

  1. Choose one

Either wear colored accessories and a dull outfit or the other way round. Have it all and risk looking like a clown.

  1. Cut-outs can make or break you

A dress/top with cut-out detail or lace overlay will give you that flirty and edgy look, but do not overdo it. To avoid looking cheap, always focus on one area.

  1. Wear printed bottoms to draw attention to long legs and slim ankles

Pair these with sexy shoes to look long and lean.

  1. Switch from formal to casual with a cross-over top

Do this by wearing the top with a push-up bra. The low V-neck enhances the bust line and creates a smart-casual look that’s ideal for even a night out.

  1. Let your pleats speak for themselves

For pleated or gathered designs that flare out, keep the rest of your outfit streamlined to avoid a tent effect. Go for pencil, tulip skirts or straight cigarette pants instead.

  1. Make your pleats look elegant

Pleats can be quite elegant if loosely done on light draped fabrics such as chiffon. For a polished look, pair this with minimal subtle accessories.

  1. When wearing chunkier box kind of pleats, make sure the bust area of your dress is well fitted with an open neckline.This will keep your proportions well balanced.
  2. Two can play at that game

For those days when the weather is playing tricks on you in between hot and chilly, for effortless style, go for a long-sleeved knit top.

  1. Go a denim size lower

When buying jeans, especially if they are stretchy, opt for a size below your normal size. Most often than not they tend to stretch out, and no matter how hard you try, an unintentional bagginess will never look cool. Even if they don’t stretch out, what’s the fun in wearing skinny jeans if they’ll fit without a little struggle?

  1. Start from the inside

In deciding whether a piece of cloth is made from good fabric, always consider the lining too. A while back I bought this cute chiffon skirt, only to find out later that the lining was transparent as well.

floral mini skirt
photo c/o @houseofkesar
  1. Button up!

To transform the look of your clothes in a stylish way, switch out old buttons with new classy ones. This is a stylish way to accessorize your outfit, and even upgrade it a class higher.

  1. Make your jewelry serve multiple purposes

Wear your chain like a statement bracelet by wrapping it several times around your wrist. You can also use the chain to add detail to your purse or broche.

  1. Loose meets tight

Pair your loose clothes with tight one to make a statement, and highlight different parts. For instance wear loose pants with a tight top, especially one that’s tucked in, to flatter your figure.

  1. Cashmere test

To tell if a cashmere sweater is of a good quality, stretch the body to see if it snaps back. A good quality one will, while a low quality one won’t.

  1. Layer up!

Layer your outfits, when in doubt about a particular piece, when you feel insecure about that little flab or just to add a little life to your look. A kimono, sleeveless/ long-sleeved, does this best.

  1. Everyone is a 10 in at least one area

Identify your best feature, and flaunt it. be it curves, abs, legs, or a killer collar bone, your best feature is the secret weapon that tramps and or complements all other style tips.

  1. Tuck in with technique

To have just the right amount tucked in, raise your arms above your head, to be extra comfy and also have a well finished look.

  1. Find out if your jeans fit without trying them on

This is an old one that you probably learnt when you were young, and if you’re like me, probably skeptical about it. But it really works. Wrap the waist around your neck. If the ends meet without overlapping, then it’ll fit your waist. However, do not stretch.

style tips
photo c/o @houseofkesar
  1. Do not wear your clothes immediately after ironing

This could actually cause new creases. Instead, let them sit for about 4 minutes to allow the press to set.

  1. Use pumice stone to de-fuzz your sweater

This method of de-fuzzing sits above any other.

  1. Refrigerate you shoes to expand them

To create a little more room in your shoes, fill a plastic bag with water, put them in your shoes and let them freeze overnight. Your shoes will gently expand as the water freezes.

  1. For an unexpected fierce look, pair feminine, flirty designs with masculine designs,

Like army boots. The look is my absolute go-to, and I find it at the peak of edginess.

  1. For a perfect finished cuffed sleeve, make sure the top button is buttoned as you roll
  2. Two-finger technique

To find the perfect fit and avoid too tight clothes, from your bra to jeans, try fitting two fingers underneath. If they fit, then it is not too tight.

  1. Wear a well-fitting bra to bring out your silhouette

The right bra goes a long way when it comes to looking slimmer. To avoid the sagging and bulging, seek to find out your right bra size.

  1. Always have a fashion emergency kit

It is good to be always ready, in case of a wardrobe malfunction. Now, I don’t mean that you walk around with a whole other outfit; just the essentials. These can be a large scarf and a sewing kit. You never know when they might come in handy.

  1. Wear the right underwear

Ladies; this is a must-do. There is nothing as unflattering as the infamous VPLs (visible panty lines). Also test your outfit against natural light to avoid see-me-throughs.

  1. Quality over quantity

Try to shop on a budget whenever you can, but always have quality in mind. I personally do this especially for shoes. Good quality shoes may be a bit on the higher side when it comes to money, but they are worth it. Some of my best shoes are like 2 years old and they still look good as new. When it comes to clothing, start small. Have signature statement pieces that are of the best quality.

  1. Pinch it a little

To make your outfit appear more high end, make a little pinch at the end of a dress that hits at the knee or a pencil skirt. This will also make you look curvy.

Skin & Beauty

photo c/o @houseofkesar
  1. Save money while avoiding harsh chemicals on your skin by using homemade face masks and scrubs.
  2. Invest in nail stickers

If you don’t have time for regular manicures or your routine cannot sustain one, nail stickers are a life saver. They are easy to apply and their insta-dry factor saves you time.

  1. Smokey eye basics

For that perfect Smokey eye, it’s about eye shadows in black, grey, and brown. Use heavy black liner on both lids and plenty of mascara.

  1. Slim down your face

If you feel your face too flabby/ round and you want to slim it down, try going for a side parting, which creates an off-center effect that slims down your face. A top knot also adds length to your face making it appear naturally slimmer.

  1. Wash your face before going to sleep

Cleansing your skin before bed will lessen the amount of oil on the skin and remove acne, which cause bacteria.

  1. Know when to let go

Did you know that expired make-up can be toxic? This is because the chemicals in expired make up tend to break down over time, which then allows bacteria to flourish. Sometimes it is hard to tell when a particular make-up’s expiry date is. Here is a tip for you on how long to keep your make-up; foundation- 1 year. Blush/ eye shadow/ powder- 2 years. Lipstick- one year. Mascara- 3 months.

  1. Additionally, keep your make up bag clean

Ensure that you clean your make up bag regularly to get rid of old expired products

  1. Leave it alone

Avoid popping or disturbing pimples, as this only worsens the situation. This is due to the fact that bacteria in your fingers create more redness.

  1. Find your perfect shade of red

When choosing a red lipstick, the trick is to pick one that that compliments your undertone. For a warm undertone, go for warmer reds, and for a cool undertone, a cooler red is your ideal go-to.

  1. Use petroleum jelly or cuticle cream to massage your finger nails just before going to bed

This keeps them moist and smooth throughout, while also getting rid of cracks on your palms.

  1. For strong and healthy nails, take a break from nail polish once in a while to air your nails by letting them breathe.
  2. Don’t leave your razor/blade in the shower

After using your razor, which we mostly use in the shower, do not leave it there. Moisture and humidity prevent the blades in your razor from drying. This can cause a buildup of bacteria which leads to skin infections. It is also advisable to switch up your razor or blade every two weeks, just to be extra careful.

  1. For your daily skin care, look for multitasking skin products

This will keep your routine less complicated and quick.

  1. File your nails smartly

Ensure that you file your nails in one direction, as opposed to the back and forth technique. This will prevent your nail edge from peeling back.


style tips
photo c/o @theeamai
  1. Going all-natural is not easy, especially if you work in an office. Invest in wigs, to protect your hair from strain and heat.
  2. Do not rinse off conditioner from your hair with hot water

Go for lukewarm or cold. This will help your hair in retaining the moisture and the shine, while making your hair appear bouncier.

  1. De-tangle your hair from ends to roots, and not vice versa to avoid breakage

This technique gets rids of the knots that are present at the ends first, that cause breakage

  1. Lemonade your hair

To get rid of an itchy scalp, try adding a few drops of lemon oil to your commercial hair oil brand.

  1. Wet hair makes the best curls

To get more defined curls on your natural hair, especially when doing twist outs, make sure the hair is slightly damp.

  1. Go for natural dyes

For strong healthy hair, avoid processed hair dyes, which weaken your locks. Instead use plant-based dyes such as henna, which do not contain harsh chemicals. These have an added advantage of fading faster. I call it an advantage, because then you can change your look from time to time.

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words

Next time you visit the salon, try bringing photos of what you like. This is the first style tip into ensuring that you get the most out of the experience.

  1. Trim regularly- If you want your hair to grow, you will need to trim it from time to time. This gets rids of split ends that cause breakage. Just trim the lower parts of your hair that lack volume.
  2. Brush your hair before going to sleep

I know you have seen people do this in the movies. This is not for nothing. A few brush strokes on your hair before bed ensures that the natural oils in your scalp are evenly spread. This increases circulation, while ensuring that your scalp stays healthy.

  1. Avoid heat on your hair

Excessive heat on your hair may cause breakage, as a result of heat damage, and frizz. If you must use heat to style your hair, go for minimal temperatures and or use a heat protectant.

  1. Sleep on silk

To protect your hair while you sleep, go for a silk pillowcase or bed sheets. Silk helps you avoid tangles and hair breakage.


photo c/o @pixabay
  1. Freeze your way to muscle relief

Submerge your lower body in a cold bath (50-55) to relieve achy muscles and reduce soreness after a hard workout.

  1. Invest in a good sports bra

When exercising, make sure you drop the regular bra and reach out for a good sports bra. A good sports bra is one that’s form fitting, loose around the chest to allow effective rib and diaphragm expansion, and one whose cups are made of comfy material that allow breathability and compression.

  1. Be brave

Last but not least, to pull all these off, you need to be brave and most of all, confident! Love the skin you are in, and do not be afraid to try out things just because of what people will say. Know that you learn through mistakes and thrive through trials.

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