10 Tips to Consider Before Starting a Workout Routine

Want those killer abs ASAP? Just get up and start working out tomorrow, right? Wrong! You don’t just wake up and start a workout routine.

Well, I did, but boy was I wrong. There are a few mistakes I made when I was starting out that really cost me. On the upside, let’s look at things from an angle where I and so many other people made those mistakes so you don’t have to.

Follow the following tips to get the bests results out of your workout program;


It is going to be a journey. It’s not a sprint to get in shape

Kerri Walsh Jennings

  1. Get the right gear

Don’t just put on canvas sneakers and go out running. There is a reason why a certain type of footwear is best recommended for working out. Sport shoes are designed in a way that they protect your leg, right from the ankle. I made this mistake and it cost me 3 months of not working out due to an ankle injury.


  1. Create a schedule that works for you

Don’t just start doing aerobics, weight lifting and lunges every single day of the week. Have in mind your specific goals for the workout program and do exercises that will help you achieve that particular thing. Have a timetable for your routine, having in mind that you also need rest days for it to work.

  1. Start slowly

When you are starting out you will be so pumped up, with a lot of energy. You will be tempted to go for the hard stuff to get those results as quick as possible. But this can actually cause serious injuries and health complications. Let your body adjust slowly, by starting with a workout program for beginners.


  1. Know your limits

You might have set your workout schedule to go for an hour, but there is no shame in stopping on the 30th minute. Do not push yourself too hard. Listen to your body and obey it. It is not the amount of time you put in a workout session that counts, but the effort. Most importantly, it’s about what your body can handle.

  1. Find yourself a partner

Working out alone is not the worst thing in the world, but finding yourself a workout buddy goes a long way. This way, you will have someone to share in your experiences, cheer you on, and also having someone to be accountable to will help you stick to your schedule.

  1. Do more away from the gym

Whether you are doing a workout routine for weight loss or just to keep fit, you should accompany the process with healthy habits, like staying hydrated and eating healthy. Having enough sleep is also one of the most important things when you are on a workout regime. This keeps you fresh and sober for the process, while ensuring you are well rested.


  1. No pain, no gain!

The bad news is that almost every inch of your body will ache at some point. The good news is that it is only when you are starting out, and better news, it means what you are doing is actually working.

  1. Patience!

You sure won’t see the results of your workout routine after the first week. Hung in there, Rome was not built in one day. Just be consistent and the results will eventually start to show.

  1. Positive attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way. Don’t let negative thoughts creep in. Studies have shown that how you see yourself can be attributed to your mindset. You are already hot just the way you are, the workout is just for that extra boost. Mind over matter, baby!


  1. Working out doesn’t have to feel like a punishment

Spice up your workout program, and actually enjoy yourself. Join a Zumba class, a dance group or ride a bike. Just make it fun and it might actually turn into a hobby.

Try out these tips and work yourself to a healthier and toner future.

What are some of the things that make your workout routine worthwhile? Feel free to share on the comment section below.

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