10 Benefits of Doing Yoga

Benefits of Doing Yoga

If you have tried yoga, you are probably aware of its numerous physical and emotional benefits. If you haven’t, you will need some motivation. From its weight loss benefit to being super Zen, here are 10 benefits of doing yoga that will make you want to ‘Namaslay’ like yesterday;


Yoga means addiction- addiction to energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.

Amit Ray

  1. Reduces stress

Yoga may not completely solve your problems, but it will sure equip you with the ability to cope with stress better. Studies have shown that yoga can be used as a complementary medicine to counter stress, anxiety and depression by increasing positive emotions.

  1. Weight loss

Unlike other exercises yoga is more mind-centered, thereby burning fewer calories. Yoga however connects your mind with your body, which makes you aware of your food choices which will help you lose weight. If your goal is to do yoga for weight loss, then you will have to do a more aggressive type of yoga that is more challenging.

  1. Improved flexibility

Yoga often involves a series of stretching, which eventually stretches your muscles, causing them to lengthen, which makes your body look long and lean. Yoga will get you doing a full split in no time.


  1. Builds muscle strength

Yoga demands a lot of endurance when you have to hold a pose for a certain amount of time. This not only improves your endurance capability, but it also builds up your muscle strength. This benefit comes in handy in intense situations like child birth.

  1. Relieves anxiety

Anxiety is often caused by tension build-up in the mind. Yoga keeps your mind and body in sync. By meditating and relaxation techniques, you are able to relieve stress and become more aware and in control of your thoughts, thus alleviating anxiety levels.

  1. Improves breathing

Yoga is known to help you breathe better. By learning several breathing techniques, one is able to relax, thereby reducing stress and anxiety.


  1. Health benefits

Yoga relieves chronic back pain, which is often attributed to poor posture and inflexibility of the spine. Yoga also improves your heart health by lowering the risks of heart disease. With its breathing improving capacity, yoga helps asthma patients by easing the symptoms.

  1. Help you sleep

Some form of insomnia is caused by having a heavy mind. Yoga relieves tension from both the mind and body by relaxation and certain postures which improve your circulation, that in turn help you sleep better.


  1. Tone your body

Yoga mainly targets the core, arms, legs, glutes and back. These being where fat normally accumulates, the plank ensures that you stay toned by tightening those love handles and the squat sees to it that your derrière is more sculpted.

  1. Improves posture

By stretching your muscles and aligning your bones, particularly those of the spine, yoga improves your posture. By walking with your head held up high, literally, your confidence levels are boosted. This is known to make you appear taller.

yoga mat

Get ready for exercise, roll out your yoga mat and let your booty do that yoga like a pro.

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  1. Frank

    Nice piece. We Kenyans, or for particular — people around me, don’t really know of yoga, I should start doing some soon.

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