50 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery and Reflection

Almost everyone has moments of uncertainty or unanswered questions going through their mind. Sometimes you bear the answers to these questions yourself. To tap into your inner sensei and get out of a rut, you need to have a sit-down … Continued

About August: Top 4 Self-Care Routines

August has come and gone…pretty fast if you ask me. Was it supposed to be this cold though? I am well aware that in Kenya we do not experience the four seasons, but August should be summer time by default, … Continued

5 Best Flat Lay Photography Layouts to Try

If you’re a blogger, the idea of a picture-perfect post (pun intended) is always on your mind; and if you’re like me, it probably gives you migraines. If you’re not a blogger you are someone who fancies a nice picture … Continued

Styling a Layered Necklace

Hello there! Meet Katy, a layered necklace (named after Katy Perry, of course). Why? Because I feel like she really speaks to me through her music, and her videos are bonkers. I could listen to that woman all day. Well, … Continued